Power Buttons to Help You Succeed in Business

Power Buttons to Help You Succeed in Business


Have you ever thought of the word Power? At different times in your life, you have to depend on power to live, to balance, to succeed, to give, to receive……The funny thing about power, it doesn’t mean you always have to be aggressive and correct, but more importantly know the different forms of power.

What does power in business mean to you? Here are Ten Power Buttons to help you succeed in business, plan in business and communicate in business.


Power of Learning – Learn something new, every day. Evolve…yourself and your business. Be present, learn.

Power of Crazy – Sometimes it’s okay to take the path less traveled. If everyone thinks an idea you may have is “out there”, that most likely means you have a winning concept.

Power of Voice – Be more vocal in your surroundings, whether social or professional. Share your thoughts, speak freely and communicate your path.

Power of Networking– To progress as a person and as a business owner, allow other professionals to see your different qualities, traits, etc. and help you with opportunities and challenges.

Power of Colleagues– Seek an opinion, welcome some advice.  Go to the people who respect you and have your best interest and the interest of your company in mind.

Power of Meditation– All it takes is 15-20 minutes a day, to clear your mind, re-focus your energy and make better decisions. A growing number of successful business leaders make meditation part of their daily routine.

Power of Listening-Be a good listener. You don’t always have to agree or conform, but listen, appreciate, implement……

Power of Leading– Teach by leading….lead by example. Always, be authentic—not a “mold” of you, but the real deal, in every situation.

Power of Passion- Encompassing all drive…grit to pursue, resilience to overcome, resourcefulness to manage, courage to act and the urgency to go forward…remember, you are full of it.

Power of Experience- Distinguish yourself from your executive peers allowing for your reputation to flourish and shine. Don’t hold back, always leverage yourself with the power of attraction….positive always brings positive…people, results, profit.

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