The Story Goes On….

The Story Goes On….

Do you ever go back in time and think about your graduation(s). Have you ever reflected upon the speeches you heard during this phase of your life? Did that speech leave a mark on you forever? Or how about thinking, what is next…how will my story continue, is change good? Below, you will find 3 articles addressing these issues and how it relates to Business Independence Planning. The Story Goes On

I hope you find the articles interesting & informative. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Below, you will find some inspiring and poignant graduation speeches of all time. Perhaps reading these will spark a fire within, ignite your creativity, build morale in your company, etc….enjoy!
Best Graduation Speeches of All Time

This article speaks of the family business achieving the ultimate success of getting to the second and third generations of family leadership and the careful planning it takes to get to this point.
A Look at Succession Planning

With many retirements looming amongst the baby boomer generation, there certainly is a shortfall of succession plans amongst this generation. This article from the Boston Globe speaks of the Non-Profit Organizations and how many are hungry for new leadership, how leadership change can be risky and the lack of conversation about succession planning. With a new generation of Non-Profit executives coming aboard, the sector is bracing and welcoming the changes of new generational leadership, which will definitely ignite more conversation.
Non Profit Organizations Saying Goodbye to Baby Boomer Leaders

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