Speaking Engagements

National Business and Succession Planning Expert Available for Conferences, Seminars, Member Live Videocasts, Webinars, Media Interviews, Client Presentations, Staff/Corporate Training, etc.

An Inspirational Business Speaker

An inspirational leader and educator for entrepreneurs and business owners of all industries throughout the United States, writing for a variety of trade and industry magazines as well as many national newspapers, Bob O’Hara is a sought after business speaker who challenges and motivates audience attendees with a message designed to make every member sit up and take notice.

Offering Step-By-Step Solutions

Bob is known to take a complex and multi-faceted problem and break it down into its simplest elements then walk through those elements one by one.  Before attendees know it, Bob has worked through the entire problem and the solution is clear.

Engaging & Powerful Presentations

Bob offers engaging, personable and powerful presentations offering education while assisting business owners in developing a plan. Of course, each presentation can be conformed to fit specific needs. His creative and dynamic approach and proven practice management strategies will bring real value to your organization.

Presentation Topics

We can provide an excerpt from previous engagements for your evaluation, or arrange for a preliminary phone interview with Bob to determine if his message is the right fit for your audience.