New Year Business Bucket List

New Year Business Bucket List

While as an Owner you may have your own personal Bucket List, your business has one for you as well. These are the things that your business hopes you will do for it before you leave that will give it the best chance of success without you.
*Owners, listen to the voice of your business – what would it be saying to you?
*Owners, look into the mirror & start the conversation, imagine your reflection as your business. Perhaps the business is asking questions like a person would:
? -Where are we heading?
? -How are you going to take care of me?
? -How is your health? What happens when you leave?

Approach this topic as if there is another person in the room who is asking you to help them and your help has a direct impact on your personal life. What does your business wish you will do for it? If your business was sitting in a room with you, what would you, the Owner, hear?
? -Tell me where I am going  -What’s your plan for me? -What are your plans to make me stronger? -How much longer are you going to be with me?
? -Who’s going to guide me when you leave?

           Why will they stay with me?    

           Do they want to me here?

           Do they know that you want them to stay with me? (communication)           

           Do they have any reason to stay with me? (incentives)
? -Will I survive if you suddenly leave? What will happen to me?

The approach with the business bucket list concept is to communicate as the business owner your understanding and empathy for your business. It is important to understand the emotional connection you have with your business & communicate the exit planning issues in the context of that emotional connection. When starting a conversation with your business, consider what questions a spouse/partner, or family member may have for you—it is similar to that of your business speaking to you. Communicate today to prepare for tomorrow.

“Preparing the Business to become Independent from its Owner & the Owner to become Independent from their Business™” -Bob O’Hara





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