A Holiday Poem for Business Owners

A Holiday Poem for Business Owners

As a business owner, take the time now to say thank you to your key employee(s). By sharing success with your key employees, you are saying you care, you want to retain their talent and you are showing you are confident in their abilities. Begin a conversation this holiday season with your key employees and share your thoughts about the future of your company and their role which will lead to your Business Ownership Independence.

A Holiday Poem for Business Owners by Bob O’Hara

Tis’ the Season…

To start the conversation

To show how much you care

They have a lot of inspiration

And, you know they are always there

Tis’ the Season…

To secure their retention

To shower them with flair

They know their vocation

And, are good enough for your chair

Tis’ the Season…

To build a foundation

To bring value this year

They provide the key to your destination

And, you need to start to share

Tis’ the Season….

To reward them with compensation

To remind them you are aware

They are the next generation

So hold them close and dear!



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