Business Owners: You Are Not Alone

Business Owners: You Are Not Alone

2013, it’s now time for business owners to rethink the direction of their companies.  The mentality of no succession plan needed is old news, and smart owners need to begin planning and building value…with a thorough business plan, a key employee incentive plan and a succession plan…even if the business owner does not plan on leaving the business anytime soon.

Do you know the key reasons to begin preparing a plan whether just starting out or as a Baby Boomer, especially in today’s new economy? Do you know why the key employee incentive plan is so critical?

Baby Boomers, what’s on your bucket list or better yet, do you even have one for yourself and for your business?

And there certainly is not enough Gen Xers to replace the retiring baby boomer workforce which leads Baby Boomers to Ask – What is my defined independence and how am I going to get there…

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