Approach Succession Planning and Personal Goals with Grace in 2016

Approach Succession Planning and Personal Goals with Grace in 2016

2016businessHow does your business impact your personal goals? Take a moment, make a list. Ask yourself, have you set any personal life goals? If so, can you achieve these personal goals you have set for yourself? When planning ahead and looking at your goals, include financial needs but more importantly identify the prominent personal growth goals, the longing you know you must have or do to fulfill you for years to come.

For a smooth leadership transfer or sale to take place, a solid succession plan needs to gracefully be prepared and tweaked for years prior. With grace comes due diligence, thinking of not only your employees and family members but also yourself, the owner. Be sure to start early and begin to develop a Succession Plan which suits your individual needs, desires and future dreams.

As you begin to gracefully prepare for your exit and the succession of your business, whether a sale, transfer or closure, remember there is no clear path, but a knowing of how you see the future. Instill in others (key employees) your belief in their talents and retain intuitive third party help (advisors); by doing this, you will have an effective, structured succession planning place to ensure a beneficial transition for yourself and your company.

Remember to plan with grace, due diligence and with your employees in mind and most importantly, include your personal life goals. What is the point of Succession Planning if you aren’t able to live the life of your personal dreams?

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