The Power of Communication in Business


In 2015, as a Business Owner, make it your goal to build a company which at some point will successfully become independent of your daily management.  A critical aspect of this process is an open dialogue with all those involved … Continued

Top 10 Items Baby Boomer Business Owners Need to Address

10. Boomer Owners can stay and still be free…business succession and exit planning is also for owners who plan to be involved in their businesses, in some capacity, into their Golden Years, while pursuing other endeavors. 9. Within the … Continued

Key Employees are Critical to the Long Term Success of Your Business

The long-term success of your business will be greatly impacted by your ability to recruit and retain the next generation of business managers/owners to your company. The majority of closely held business owners are baby boomers between the ages of … Continued

Succession Planning also includes Business Contingency Planning

One of the four business exit planning cornerstones, Contingency Planning has to answer the question “How will the business succeed if something suddenly happened to the Owner and that Owner does not return to the business tomorrow?” It is nice … Continued

It is a Process not a Transaction

Today, begin the process of defining how you plan to someday become independent from your business and how your business will become independent from you. Rethink the direction of your company. The mentality of no succession plan needed is old news, … Continued

10 Things I Know About Succession Planning

10. It’s a process,
not a transaction.
Business succession or exit planning is about building a business that can succeed without its owner while preparing an owner to become independent — emotionally and financially — from the business. 9. You don’t have … Continued