Create the Road Map to Business Independence-Exit Planning

Ask yourself, what is Exit Planning? Is it a Process or a Transaction? It is the Process of an Owner obtaining their definition of Business Independence. Now ask yourself, how does Exit Planning and Business Independence blend together? The explanation: … Continued

Approach Succession Planning and Personal Goals with Grace in 2016

How does your business impact your personal goals? Take a moment, make a list. Ask yourself, have you set any personal life goals? If so, can you achieve these personal goals you have set for yourself? When planning ahead and … Continued

Clear the Path to Successful Exit Planning with Thankfulness

Throughout most of our lives, we are programmed to clear paths to reach our next goal, our next phase of life. For many, it is always looking at the past or planning for the future which can bring chaos and … Continued

Power Buttons to Help You Succeed in Business

Have you ever thought of the word Power? At different times in your life, you have to depend on power to live, to balance, to succeed, to give, to receive……The funny thing about power, it doesn’t mean you always have … Continued

The Story Goes On….

The Story Goes On

Do you ever go back in time and think about your graduation(s). Have you ever reflected upon the speeches you heard during this phase of your life? Did that speech leave a mark on you forever? Or how about thinking, … Continued

10 Ways to Have a Joyous Journey Through Succession Planning

1.   Think of Business Exit Planning as a Process (journey) not a Transaction (end of the road) The process of Exit Planning results in building stronger, more sustainable, independent businesses that generates growing cash flow Initiate Long Term Business … Continued

Baseball, Spring and Your Business


With Spring finally here and the start of Baseball, as a business owner, take the time to remember the importance of starting anew when it comes to you and the future of your business. Take the time this season to … Continued

The Family Business-The Importance of Mentoring and Open Communication

Many businesses are family-run, second-generation businesses, with some who have beaten the odds and carried into a 3rd or 4th generation. Not a small feat to accomplish, and many would say the climb to get there was challenging, but with proper … Continued